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Student Associations

Student Associations, as scientific organizations, endeavour to embark upon education alongside research, and improve education through group activities, including:

  1. Educational Activities: students who hold educational, practical and specialised workshops proportional to market needs or commence booster classes, practising classes and related software workshops can be involved in the educational process and have educational cooperation in academic groups.
  2. Promotional Activities: student associations' activities are mostly of a promotional nature; these activities include organisation of conferences, seminars, festivals, scientific lectures etc. These kind of activities have a high importance in the development and promotion of scientific findings among students.
  3. Scientific and research activities
    • Holding training courses in particular software programmes
    • Convening conferences, seminars, festivals, scientific lectures, etc
    • Having specialized meetings
    • Scientific competitions
    • Holding exhibitions
    • Writing books
    • Publishing scientific articles in foreign and local journals